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  • Brand new all singing, all dancing Radgenessabounds

    After a long, long time have finally decided to give this blogging malarkey another go.

    The biggest change here is that it will be a gaming only blog, mainly Playstation as even though I do have a Xbox now, just don’t like it the controller it feels so heavy after years of the lightweight Playstation controller.  If anyone would like to donate a Wii and some games would be more than happy to review them.


  • Lets go retro with GTA Chinatown wars

    The decision to make a simple game, looking almost identical to the first GTA games is the best thing Rockstar could have done with GTA Chinatown wars.  There was no way that the DS could do anything but that and the fact that some people are complaining is plain stupidity, what do they expect.

    The use of the touch screen sets it apart from the other GTA games and it’s fun to play unlike GTA 4, which I found tedious with little or no humour.  I especially like the way you can get rid of police cars by smashing them into buildings, much more fun than trying to out distance them yawn. 

    It’s a fun game and not a crime sim like the other GTA titles so for all the would be gangsters give it a miss but if you like a game that is fun then buy it.

  • Saint row 2, the game Rockstar should have made.

    GTA 4 for me was a huge disappointment, more attention had been paid to the cut scenes than anything else.  If I wanted to watch a gangster film, I would have gone to the cinema, I want fun from a game and it was incredibly lacking in GTA 4.

    Having heard good reviews about Saints Row 2 I bought it not expecting much but instead found a game that was fun more like the older GTA games.  There was also the added interest of a fully customisable character, for the first time you could go on the rampage looking exactly like yourself or some imagined person, unlike the Hobson’s choice from Rockstar.

    I just hope that if Rockstar do another GTA, they take a look at Saints Row 2 as clearly THQ have looked very carefully at GTA and concentrated on what made GTA a great game.

  • Edinburgh Interactive Festival

    As if Edinburgh doesn’t have enough festivals the Edinburgh Interactive Festival is now well established being in it’s sixth year.  Not just aimed at the industry there will be an opportunity for gamers to see and play the newest unseen games being developed.

    This year however it will be moving to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.  Although only three days long running from Sunday 10th to Tuesday 12th August, it will showcase games from the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Codemasters. 

    Tickets are free and available from Gamestations stores across Scotland from the 29th of July.  For more information go to – Edinburgh Interactive Festival website 

  • Long awaited Beyond Good and Evil sequel

    There are a lot of games that just don’t get the acclaim they deserve and Beyond Good and Evil is one that falls into this category.  The news released at Ubidays is that a sequel is in production and hopefully it will reach a bigger audience.

    The news from Ubisoft is that they felt the first game only appealed to core gamers and was too difficult for casual gamers.  I find this a strange comment as I found the game possibly on the easy side rather than difficult but as long as Michel Ancel, who designed the first Beyond Good and Evil is in charge there will be little to worry about.

     The original if you haven’t heard of it was the story of a photographer called Jade and her investigation into what was really going on with the so called war on her home planet of Hillys and also her own past.

  • Advertisments in games

    I was watching playr last weekend and was amazed at the amount of high profile ads on the cars in Race Driver: Grid.  Obviously Codemasters will be paid well for the display of these ads and need all the help they can get trying to beat Gran Turismo and Forza motorsport.  It could be argued that it creates realism in a game which is a racing sim.  On the other hand do gamers really care and is it necessary to plaster the cars in ads.

    There is also the matter of the fact that ads are taking over everything.  I’m sure in time if this blog is successful it will also carry ads it is inevitable.  I wonder where it will end and can we expect to see ads for companies as the game is loading or maybe the next Tomb Raider will have Lara Croft swigging coke or Pepsi.


  • The rise of the casual gamer

    Gaming is no longer the preserve of so called serious gamers that are male and in their late teens early twenties.  Female gamers have always been around but now the world of gaming has expanded to include any age or sex.

    Partly this is due to the Wii, which despite not having the best graphics has still managed to out sell the serious consoles.  This leads to the conclusion that fun is still the most important aspect of gaming and if the whole family can get involved even better. 

    It will be interesting to see if the Wii continues to out sell it’s competitors or becomes consigned to the cupboard, where all the other fads now reside or whether the other consoles decide to incorporate more of the Wii’s innovative remote control device into their own controllers.  The PS3 has already taken steps in this direction with the wireless sixaxis but due to the fact that there aren’t many games out yet that use this, it is hard to tell how popular it will be.

  • Liberty City google maps

    I love to game but there comes a time when you just can’t find that last object and the only way to solve it is to go on-line and read through countless walkthroughs, not any more as Google have teamed up with IGN to provide a Google map of Liberty City.  I’ve no doubt the games purist will be aghast at Google supplying a comprehensive map of Liberty City but for us non purist who play for fun it is a godsend. For not only can you zoom in and out as in a real map but all the markers are there for you to chose which part of the game you need to find to complete it.

    If you click on the marker, a pop up box will give you more information about who or what it is. Google have also made it interactive so that you can share a discovery with your fellow gamers, thus expanding an already comprehensive site. This has already proved a bit hit with fellow gamers as the map is filling up with every imaginable piece of information.

    I’ve been finding it really useful for finding pigeons maybe it’s because I live in a city that I find it is very therapeutic to shoot them in the game. No doubt later on it will be useful for missions that are just proving to difficult to complete.

    Why not have a look and get some help to complete the game or maybe just find your favourite weapon.

    Liberty City Google map

  • Hello world!

    This is the first of hopefully many blogs.  This is probably not the best time of year to start, as the weather has become very warm and sunny here in Bonnie Scotland. 

    There is also the added distraction of my new toy the PS3 and GTA IV, which I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from at the moment.  This will probably mean this initial blog will be very short and sweet.  In fact it almost wasn’t a PS3 as there was a lot of debate whether to end my long term loyalty to Playstation and get a Xbox.  Sanity prevailed and the PS3 was bought, that doesn’t mean I might not consider getting a Xbox in the future but it would be more likely to be a Wii.  I just can’t bring myself to buy a microsoft product when there is an alternative.